who's in charge - you or your brain????

Chemicals course through our brain and bodies that impact our behaviors, critical thinking processes, and bodies. Let's dive into what triggers these chemicals and how we can naturally and positively control them before they overtake our thoughts and feeling. Understanding how our brains are wired impacts our bodies, brains, and behaviors.

Our health, personal relationships, and professional associations are impacted by our powerfully packed brains. By investing in your health, you will understand natural ways to boost positive chemicals while keeping dreaded cortisol at bay. Real-world tools, ideas, and activities will enable you to awake with a cleared brain (there's toxic build-up daily) and ready to engage in your world!

Let's ensure that you are, in fact, in charge of your brain!

Presented by Dr. Donna Van Natten, President and CEO, Accountability Measures, LLC
Dr. Van Natten's research in the science behind non-verbal communication, facial expressions, gestures, and behavioral intentions has changed the way companies develop their people. Coupled with her dynamic personality and animated delivery, she is a national spokesperson and expert in interpreting numerous components of communication.

She holds multiple degrees, culminating with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. Donna was awarded a Japan Fulbright Scholarship, is published in the Journal of Leadership Education, and recently published her first book, Image Scrimmage, about the power of body language and leadership. She;s been featured multiple times in Inc Magazine for her expertise in nonverbal communication and leadership. Recently, she was highlighted in the Chicago Tribune and Business Management Daily for her expertise on eyes, smiles, and tone of voice in leadership.

She is the founder & CEO of Accountability Measures and a savvy business owner who understands the research driving our spoken and unspoken communication.

Dr. Donna's professional memberships include the Chattanooga Women's Leadership Institute and Women Mean Business. She serves as the Chair of the Chattanooga Chamber's Small Business Awards and Expo. She also chairs the Board for the non-profit organization, Autism and Behavioral Services, and is on the Better Business Bureau, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, and YMCA Board of Directors.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Liberty Tower - 605 Chestnut Street - 17th Floor (Conference Rooms A-C)
1:00 p.m. Registration
1:30 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. CLE Seminar

3.0 hours Dual CLE Credit
CBA Members $125.00 / Non Members $145.00 / Support Staff $50.00
(Image Scrimmage included in fee)