How Your Business Can benefit our members 

How your business can benefit our members.

The Chattanooga Bar Association would love to have your business as a Member Benefit!

I want to let you know that we will again be offering the CBA Member Benefit Card for our members.  This exciting program developed by the Chattanooga Bar Association will promote your business in the legal community!

The Chattanooga Bar Association Member Benefit Card offers our members exclusive discounts and special deals on dining, entertainment, professional services, and much more. The relationships we are seeking are not the typical concessions in discount books, clubs or associations, but rather more competitive and unique offerings and discounts targeted for attorneys.

 What does this mean for your business?

 With your generous discount or special offer, we will continually promote your business to the growing number of law professionals who belong to the CBA through our website ( where we will create a direct link from our website to yours. In addition to the website, we will send emails periodically throughout the year to the membership to remind them of the participating businesses and offerings. Plus, as a vendor for our Chattanooga Bar Association member benefit card, you will be entitled to receive the entire CBA mailing list once during the year so you can separately promote your business! 

How does the program work? 

The Chattanooga Bar Association Member Benefit Card will be issued to all CBA members upon payment of their annual dues (usually within the first three months of the year.)  To receive the discount or special offer, members will simply present their CBA Member Benefit card when visiting your establishment.  To ensure our members are given the agreed upon discount or special offering, we will send a confirmation letter to vendor affiliates to refer to at any time.

We are moving fast!  Please join us in this exciting venture by completing the enclosed form entitled “Yes, I’m Interested”  Forms may be faxed to us at (423) 265-6602 - emailed to -  or mailed to:           

CBA Member Benefit Card Program
Chattanooga Bar Association
801 Broad Street, Suite 420
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Please feel free to contact me at (423) 602-9430 or by email at if you have any questions.  I look forward to building a strong partnership with your business today and in the years to come.