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March 2021

CLE - Race Against Time
9:00 a.m. • Zoom Webinar
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Survey of Attorney Stress, Health, and Work Engagement

Purpose: Dr. Kristen Black and Dr. David Ross are conducting an online survey focused on attorney’s perceptions of stress, stress management, health, and work-related experiences. We know that workplace stress, more than ever, is important to understand so that programs and recommendations can be developed to help attorney’s manage their stress well. 

What’s involved: You will respond to questions about your views of managing stress, how you spend your non-work time, your perceptions of your own health, and some characteristics of your work and work environment. The survey would take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 

Outcomes: We will share summary of our results with organizations/individuals that participate. This would be an overall summary; individual responses will not be identified. We plan to use the findings from this survey to develop a personalized CLE offered to the Chattanooga Bar Association in the near future. This CLE will focus on stress management, enhancing personal resources to manage stress, understanding how to protect your own health, and how to offer support to protect the health of your peers. 

As a “thank you” for your input, participants in the survey will have a chance receive one of 15, $20 Amazon gift cards, which will be raffled to all study participants. 

Ready to get started? Follow the link provided to start the survey.

The survey will only be available until February 20th.

Additional Research Opportunity: Anyone who participates will also be invited to complete a second study, where they would respond to short surveys in the morning and evening, over the course of one week. The surveys would take less than 5 minutes to respond. This type of study helps us to understand how stress affects you “in the moment” rather than asking you to think back over longer periods of time. For participating, you would receive a summary of your results (if desired) compared to our overall sample. This can provide some personal insight into the stress you typically experience and how you manage it. A $40 electronic gift card will also be provided to those who complete a survey each day over the course of the study.