Monday, April 4, 2022
04-04-22 - Meet and Greet the Judicial Candidates
6:00 p.m. • UTC Student Center Auditorium
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Court System

The Hamilton County Judicial System serves the public, protects rights, interprets and upholds the law, and provides fair, accessible, effective and responsive forums for the resolution of civil and criminal matters and serves the public through prompt, fair and efficient resolution of conflicts to enhance the quality of life in our community. 

Hamilton County Criminal Court

The Hamilton County Criminal Court in Chattanooga hears felony and misdemeanor criminal cases after the grand jury has brought charges. The Court also hears appeals from the Court of General Sessions, as well as from various municipal courts in Hamilton County. 

All who appear before the Court - including victims, the accused, witnesses, jurors, and lawyers - will be guaranteed equal and just administration according to law and the assurance of being treated with dignity and respect. 

A priority of the Criminal Court is the protection of the community's safety and property. Important to these protections is a firm and fair adherence to the rule of law, including respect for our Constitutional values. These are the foundational principals for the Criminal Court. 

Hamilton County Criminal Court Canidates

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                                                      Amanda Dunn                                                Boyd Patterson                                               Rebecca Stern

Hamilton County Circuit Court

The Circuit Court hears cases such as appeals from lower courts, contract disputes, civil torts, condemnations, worker's compensation claims, joint petition minor settlements, name changes, adoptions and domestic matters life divorce, to name a few. The Circuit Court Clerk handles the paperwork and fees associated with this court. 

Hamilton County Circuit Court Candidates

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                                                                                       Michael Dumitru                                                 James Exum

Chattanooga City Court

Chattanooga City Court has jurisdiction in cases involving violations of city ordinances; such as parking violations, traffic violations, garbage and refuse, animal cases and other city ordinance offenses. 

The City Court Clerk's office operates under the direction of the City Court Clerk and supports the City Judges. The Clerk's office is the keeper of the records for the courts and accepts payments for all violations. 

Chattanooga City Court Candidates

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                                                                                            Brian Bush                                               Honorable Sherry Paty


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